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We aim to achieve the highest possible standard of service, which we believe you have a right to expect. All our customers will be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.

When you phone us we will:

· Aim to answer your telephone call within 6 rings.
· Provide you with the name of the restaurant, be polite and courteous
· Always try to get your order right first time. If that is not possible we will rectify the order straight away or provide you with the item on your next visit at no extra cost. Whichever is convenient to you.
· Always give you an estimated time when your order will be ready.

When you visit us we will:

· Greet you with a warm and friendly welcome.
· Ensure someone takes you to your table and make sure you are comfortable and seated. · Inform you immediately if there will be a delay before a table becomes available (at peak times).
On such occasions we will always give you an estimated waiting time and keep you informed of any alternatives.

When you eat our food we will:

· Always ensure that your food is cooked using the highest quality freshest ingredients that are available on the market.
· Make sure that your food is cooked hot to order and complemented with friendly and courteous service.

We welcome your comments

·We welcome feedback and value your comments. If you have a query or suggestion that may help us to improve the service that we provide to you then please do not hesitate to email us at: We will aim to give you a reply within 7 working days.

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